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Vessel Management

Rapidlink Resources Limited has a dedicated team of professionals, working alongside technical partners when necessary, to provide vessel management, crew management, chartering and brokerage services that meet and surpass client needs. 

Explore our comprehensive suite of services encompassing compliance, safety, and operational essentials. We meticulously address vessel purchases, accounting requirements, provisions and supplies, and cater to your comprehensive insurance needs.

Crew Management

Within a ship’s operations, the human resources aboard are pivotal for its success. They largely dictate the efficiency of the vessel. Our crewing services, managed by a dedicated department, meticulously oversee the selection, interview, and recruitment processes. This ensures that we secure the right individuals with the necessary skills and qualities for each role, consistently meeting our clients’ needs.

Our crewing management extends across a spectrum of services, encompassing recruitment, selection, placement, comprehensive training, and ongoing supervision of officers and crew employed on our managed vessels. Additionally, our administrative support includes a suite of travel services such as immigration and visa assistance, air travel arrangements, meet-and-greet services, accommodations, and efficient payroll management.

Chartering & Brokerage

Our foremost goal is to consistently deliver project materials and services punctually, aligning precisely with the specified requirements and within our clients’ proposed budgets. Our procurement approach centres on transparent, ongoing communication among all parties engaged in equipment acquisition, meticulous material oversight, and service provision.