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Out-Sourced Labour

Rapidlink offers outsourced, skilled labor support services throughout West Africa and beyond. Our competitive advantage lies in our processes, personnel, and attitude. We provide:

Mustering Employees

We efficiently deploy our personnel to job sites worldwide, utilizing diverse transportation modes such as sea, air, or land. Our services extend to facilitating Immigration and Customs clearance as necessary, ensuring seamless operations wherever our expertise is required.

Personnel Physical/Medical Fitness

We enlist competent and seasoned medical professionals to perform comprehensive physical and medical examinations for all employees. Copies of these medical reports are accessible to clients upon request. These evaluations encompass a range of tests including Chest X-rays, ECGs, Blood Group typing, BP assessments, Urinalysis, Hb levels, HIV screenings, and other pertinent laboratory tests as required.

Medical Health Maintenance

In accordance with the current provisions of the Employee’s Compensation Act, all our employees receive sufficient coverage. We ensure our clients receive detailed information on the actual payable premium cover for medical expenses and other relevant costs at every stage.

Public Liability Insurance

The company upholds comprehensive public liability insurance coverage.

Payroll Administration

Our finance department produces monthly personnel payment reports, tax records, and numerical staffing data following generally accepted accounting principles. Additionally, we employ an electronic identification system for personnel verification purposes. Rapidlink maintains compliance with various regulatory acts, including NSITF and PENCOM, among others.

Labour Negotiation

We implement tailored strategies to achieve optimal employer-employee objectives during labor negotiations concerning union affairs, salaries, allowances, bonuses, and additional benefits. Our clients benefit from equitable labor cost structures outlined in formal agreements, ensuring comparable advantages for all parties involved.

Catering Services

Rapidlink Resources Limited has been an active participant in the hospitality and food industry since 2004, overseeing the management of three hotels rated three stars and above in Abuja, Akwa, and Pointe Noire (Congo). Beyond this, Rapidlink specializes in large-scale industrial kitchen and laundry equipment design and installation. Collaborating with an international Catering Services company since 2007, Rapidlink expanded into providing hotel and catering services along with supplying personnel for vessels and barges within the maritime and offshore service sub-sector.

Our expertise spans the entirety of the hospitality industry, encompassing catering, catering equipment, personnel management, and laundry services. Rapidlink boasts a proficient team comprising qualified, experienced Nigerians and dedicated expatriate staff, ensuring top-notch service delivery across all operations. We manage the entire mobilization process, locally and internationally, including visa processing, ticketing, accommodation, and onshore transportation for clients.

Backed by a robust financial foundation and strategic partnerships with multiple companies, Rapidlink maximizes resources to deliver high-quality services at competitive prices. We prioritize sourcing essential operational items directly from importers or manufacturers, guaranteeing a consistent supply, cost efficiency, and superior quality.