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Rapidlink Group is a distinguished holding company with vast economic interests across key African industries – construction, maritime, oil and gas, construction, energy and mining. As a Nigerian-incorporated company with operational bases spanning key ports, industrial hubs and resource centres across Nigeria, Ghana, USA and the Republic of Congo, we provide the on-the-ground expertise needed to drive progress across the continent.

Our group is comprised of experienced partners focused on enabling progress in the energy, logistics and infrastructure sectors. By combining local expertise with an international perspective, we aim to facilitate trade, strengthen communities and help organizations overcome barriers to success in frontier markets. Through strategic collaboration and innovative methodologies, our consortium consist of:

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Local Expertise

As an indigenous, Nigerian company with operations across key African markets, we offer deep regional insight and on-the-ground understanding.

Cross-Border Reach

With bases across strategic ports and economic hubs in Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, and more, we facilitate intra-African trade and collaboration.

Targeted Solutions

We tailor our services and advisory specifically to clients' needs thanks to our intimate understanding of local contexts across industries.

Harnessing Prospects

More than a business, we aim to catalyze sustainable growth across Africa by connecting vital sectors like energy, infrastructure, natural resources, and more.

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Throughout its history, Rapidlink Group has established a significant presence across multiple operational domains. Additionally, our registrations extend to the following bodies, among others.

Who we work with

Our Clients

JV Partnerships
joint ventures


Rapidlink Group has forged strategic partnerships and joint ventures with esteemed companies possessing exceptional expertise and assets in specialized fields. These collaborations are aimed at enhancing our offerings and delivering resilient solutions to our clients consistently. The following are a few of our valued strategic partners:

DUNDEE is a privately held corporation with investments spanning the oil & gas sector, shipbuilding & ship repair, as well as marine & offshore engineering. Situated on prime waterfront land in Tuas, Singapore, DUNDEE operates a fully equipped shipyard boasting essential dry docking capabilities. Their state-of-the-art facilities are meticulously crafted to fill the void between expansive multinational shipyards and smaller locally owned counterparts. Notably, their expansive slipway spans an impressive 190 meters in length by 39 meters in width, establishing itself as Singapore’s premier and most advanced slipway facility.

Karis Ocean is an esteemed marine offshore service firm specializing in the provision of technical and logistical support for vessels and rigs utilized within the Oil and Gas Industry. Their extensive expertise encompasses various vessel types such as Dive Support Vessels (DSV), Heavy Lift ROV support, Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV), Anchor Handling Tugs Supply vessels (AHTS), and Pipe-lay Vessels/Barges. Additionally, they excel in rig operations, handling semi-submersibles, and jack ups.

With a global presence facilitated through offices in the Netherlands and Malaysia, Karis Ocean offers a comprehensive suite of services. These services span from crucial tasks like thruster installations, major conversions, DP upgrades, steel renewal, HV electrical installations, to adept troubleshooting. Karis Ocean’s primary objective lies in preparing vessels and rigs for upcoming projects while ensuring continued support throughout project execution.

Otokom Technologies stands as a global consultancy firm specializing in geological and mining expertise. Offering a spectrum of consultancy, management, and contracting services to the international mining sector, they deliver dependable, multi-faceted technical expertise, expert training, and impartial corporate guidance to both public and private mining enterprises, as well as financial and legal entities. Their cadre comprises highly seasoned geologists, engineers, mining consultants, data specialists, and operators who rank among the most sought-after professionals in the mining realm. With a track record of providing consulting and commercial services across diverse mineral commodities, they remain a trusted name in the industry.

The Madison Energy Group stands as a forward-thinking energy enterprise, dedicated to pioneering green technology solutions tailored to specific needs. Our core mission is to empower clients by leveraging sustainability and energy efficiency, thereby elevating their overall profitability. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes commercial refrigeration, energy-efficient lighting, HVAC efficiency, coal-to-power solutions, solar energy, and more.

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Madison Energy curates a distinct portfolio of energy efficiency technology, expanding its reach across the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe. Collaborating directly with strategic partners worldwide, we deliver premium products and services designed to maximize value for our clients. Our focus extends beyond individual technologies to emphasize the return on investment, ensuring that our solutions are financially sound while fostering environmental well-being.

Backed by a collective professional experience spanning over a century, The Madison Energy Group proudly presents a concise yet robust portfolio of innovative and cutting-edge energy technologies, poised to redefine the industry.

Cornerstone Homes and Developers LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, holds a valid license from the Georgia License Board, specializing in both construction and land development. Their portfolio includes the successful completion of various subdivisions and projects, such as Peachtree Reserve, Old Mill Reserve, and Buice Creek Preserve, among others. Established through the collaboration of real estate brokers, builders, developers, engineers, and diverse business professionals, CHD boasts a cumulative experience of 95 years.

What sets CHD apart is its amalgamation of distinct backgrounds within the team, enabling the provision of diverse design options for nearly any homebuilding plan, whether derived from client specifications or in-house designs. The consortium specializes in crafting superior, tailored housing options spanning from low to medium and medium to high cost brackets, meticulously meeting clients’ preferences across different locations. Additionally, CHD offers the flexibility to build according to specific site requirements.

Notably, CHD homes grace prestigious areas not only in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, USA, but also in Pointe Noire, Brazzaville, Rep. of Congo, and Tema, Ghana. Their accomplished craftsmen collaborate with specialized designers, catering to a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from interior design to custom landscaping, lighting design, and even the creation of bespoke pools.

Cornerstone Homes proudly holds accolades, being a five-time Gold Professionalism Award Winner and a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builder’s Association. Their achievements also include four-time Silver Professionalism Award recognition, International Building Code certification, and licensure as a Professional Builder.

For Rapidlink and Cornerstone, their distinction for excellence is earned through the creation of truly custom homes that consistently meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision


Our unparalleled capacity to thrive across diverse industries establishes us as pioneers in our field.