Rapidlink Group of Companies Limited is a holding company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The company has offices and operational bases in Lagos, Warri, Port Harcourt, Eket and Calabar in Nigeria; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Pointe Noire and Brazzaville in Republic of Congo; Accra and Tema in Ghana.


The group is made up of:

  • Rapidlink Resources Limited
  • Rapidlink (Import & Export) Limited
  • Rapidlink (Oil & Gas) Limited
  • Rapidlink Properties Limited
  • Global Telecom Solutions Inc.
  • Rapidlink Travel Services


We as a group are founded on the outstanding values of adherence to ethical standards and codes, unparalleled professionalism, unmatched performances, thereby building lasting relationships through our passion to give excellent, efficient and effective services, to ultimately satisfy the needs of our clients. Our social responsibility and conceptual ethical orientation could be viewed from our operations, which are environmentally and ecologically friendly.


Our approach in services provision is to enhance, market and protect the business environment of all our clients while maintaining our group tradition of service that is uncompromising as it is far reaching, through informed opinions defined in terms of edge in quality services delivery and efficiency, employing and creating new concepts and techniques carefully balanced on knowledge of local conditions and global experiences in response to a rapidly changing business climate.


In all our operations the issues of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are accorded the requisite priority.


Rapidlink Group